Thurstonland Defibrillator

defibThurstonland, a little village some distance from medical assistance, decided to provide its own help after a villager witnessed a fatal heart attack on the main street.

Martin Bateman, an active member of the Thurstonland Village Association, was the witness who put forward the idea of a centrally located defibrillator in the village. After discussion and consultation, fund raising began. The village Community Choir organised concerts to raise funds and Denby Dale Rotary Club added to this as well as providing very useful information from its member, John Purvis. Matching all monies raised was a substantial donation from the Kirkburton Parish Council, represented on the TVA by Councillor Derek Hardcastle.

Two demonstrations were given in the church hall by John Spiking of the NHS Ambulance Service and were well attended.

Villager Ruth Bower, whose home is centrally positioned in the village, generously agreed to have the defibrillator sited on her wall, easily accessible to all and maximising the number of people within its range.

Hopefully the machine, possibly the only defibrillator on a private house in the Kirkburton area, may never be used, but it will give the villagers piece of mind that if they should have a heart attack they will now stand a better chance of survival.

Seen here at the official “opening” at Ruth’s house is L-R

  • Ruth Bower “The Guardian”!
  • Cllr Derek Hardcastle
  • John Purvis (Denby Dale Rotary)
  • Tony Clifton (Neighbourhood Watch)
  • Martin Bateman