Community Plan

A number of villagers met together in 2007 to discuss setting up a village association for Thurstonland, with the aim of representing the community and promoting its interests and well-being.  As a result, Thurstonland Village Association (TVA) was established, and formally constituted in April 2008.

In those early days, TVA was occupied with immediate concerns, such as investigating local public transport, improving the drainage of the Rec, reducing traffic-speeds, resurfacing roads and the general tidying of the village (‘grubbing-out’) – many of these initiatives leading to significant improvements for the community. In due course, this initial work led to the suggestion that, as a next step, it might be helpful to develop a Village Plan, and this was formally approved at a meeting in November 2009, when a Steering Group was set up.

The Group met over 40 times to produce the Community Plan, which was subsequently published under the title  ‘Thurstonland 2020 Vision’ , as this seemed to encapsulate both a focus on the future and the clear-sightedness which would be needed.

The TVA and villagers continue to work towards realising the aspirations set out in the plan.

A copy of the plan can be downloaded here:  Thurstonland 2020 Vision

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