Thurstonland Village Association – Minutes: 7th January 2014

 Monday 7th January 2013 St Thomas Church Room

Present Penny Lunn (PL) Elaine Adler (EL) Janet Matthews (JM) Anne Lister (AL)

Ruth Bower (RuB) Valda Dawson (VD) Elaine Lockwood (EL) Richard Lockwood (RL)

Jo Haigh (JH) Robin Carmichael (RC) Angela Carmichael (AC) Catherine McGuigan (CM)

David Jones (DJ) Colin Gutteridge (CG) Rena Gutteridge (RG) Chris Dawson (CD)

Tony Clifton (TC) Rachel Billington (RaB)

1.  Apologies Sally Rhodes Rachel Billington (RaB) and Robert Barraclough (RoB) will come later.

2.  Notification for AOB Time Bank (CM) Welcome Pack (RaB) Fund raising (PL)

3.  Minutes Minutes of meeting of 3rd Dec read by PL. Proposed as true record by CG seconded RL. All in favour.

4.  Matters Arising

a) Storthes Hall signs DJ stated that Andy MacDonald from ‘Friends of Storthes Hall’ said the signs were to deter cyclists/4*4 cars entering the area, Apparently people with chain saws have been seen loading their cars with logs. AM is trying to find out land registration details. DJ to keep in contact.

b) Drains EA sent last report to Cricket Club meeting. As a result Andrew Pearson (CC Sec) has written to Maryke Woods outlining the CC’s position. (Copy in File) EA to monitor

c) Dog fouling EA reported that there is a new phone number for the dog wardens: 414739. This is the procedure for reporting dog fouling

  • Phone the above number giving contact (if known) of perpetrators and the wardens will call on owners for a chat. The person reporting the incident(s) may remain anonymous if they so wish. If perpetrators not known wardens will come out and monitor given areas. They will report back their findings. In connection with this point it was noted that the dog bin has been moved to its originally intended position across the road from the bus shelter. If anyone has problems with this location they should contact TVA.

d)   Trees   It was suggested that a stone sign would be most fitting for our Jubilee Oak. TC to pursue.    

 RuB stated that the seat was again in place on Hall Ing

5.    Treasurer JM brought an application form for the environmental grant needed to furbish the gardens at the entrance to the rec. EL, RL and JM to pursue.

JM reported that with all expenses taken out there remains £492.12 in the TVA account with £250 in the reserve account.

JM has sent 2,432 wish tokens to the Daily Examiner. DJ will send an email thanking all participants. Thank you Janet, now we wait.

Insurance JM said she has liaised with David Stubbs over this. Our insurance runs out in Sept 2013 but if there is an injury to a member we are not covered, so more investigations and quotes are needed. Tennysons are used by Stocksmoor. JM to liaise with DS and investigate further.

 6.  Communications

Newsletters. These have reflected a busy year. DJ emailed a brief review of the year which he will put on the web.

Calendars. DJ reported that 60+ had been sold making a profit of c£72. It was agreed that the photographs were beautiful and thanks were given to Vince Duffy for his expertise and time.

7. Sub Committee for Community site – no meeting as yet

8. Shop. It was decided to defer this topic for the time being.

9. Tea Towels Thanks were expressed to David Stubbs for his idea of a Thurstonland tea towel. DJ will contact DS/MW to ascertain progress on this subject. EA said that TVA was also on the receiving end of thanks from Diane Joseph and Joyce Booth.

10. CD, CG and DS have been reviewing the constitution – ‘an interesting experience’! Committee comments are requested by 18th Jan so that it can be presented at the AGM.

11. Planning applications. Deferred to next meeting

 12. AOB

Welcome Pack RaB said she had been doing the job for a year and whilst not difficult, it can be time consuming and she would like to pass the job on to someone new. She gave an outline of what is involved. AL and Rub volunteered to take on the job. Thanks were expressed to Welcome Packers VD, RaB and SR for their work in getting this initiative off the ground and thanks to AL and RuB for taking over.

Time Bank CM, who teaches at Holmfirth High School, floated the idea of a time bank in Thurstonland. This involves banking/sharing people’s skills/time in the community. CM to bring more information to next meeting.

Fund Raising PL expressed concern at how little money is in TVA account. She said we needed some money behind us and our mission should be to have a money making effort annually: a TVA event. AC would like to see an event in the summer which would include the choir. There was a discussion about working with talent within the village, which culminated in a fund raising group of Angela Carmichael, Valda Dawson, Rena Gutteridge, Ruth Bower and Catherine McGuigan offering to get together to think through various ideas and report back at next meeting.

AGM PL repeated her intention of resigning as full time chair of TVA but offered a couple of ideas for sharing the position. The AGM should fall on Easter Monday so this has to be discussed at an officer’s meeting

Meeting closed at 8.40p.m. – A record! 


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